Case Studies

Take a look at some of the projects that we’ve worked on. From small projects to large ones, we were able to successfully complete each with their own set of challenges.

Casper, Wyoming - CWRWS

Central Wyoming Regional Water System (CWRWS) is a wholesale water provider to over 10 other communities and water districts, producing over 4 billion gallons of water each year. The water is processed through their 35MGD plant using dual water sources (ground and surface).

HOA provided CWRWS with new programming and SCADA equipment including Radios, PLCs, Redundant Power Supplies, Antennas and antenna cabling for all 28 well sites. The Well sites’ radio network utilizes the 900mhz radio communications, with all wells reporting directly back to the water treatment plant.

The distribution system consists of 15 booster stations and 23 tanks/reservoirs. The distribution radio network utilized 450mhz radio communication with two repeater sites. The repeater and master sites were equipped with redundant radios for warm standby and fast switchover.

HOA upgraded the water plant PLC to the Modicon M580 platform with hot-swap backup from the Quantum platform while utilizing the existing 13 quantum IO drops. All water plant controls were reprogrammed, and a multi-server redundant SCADA was installed with three local thin client touchscreens. HOA also integrated Actiflo surface water pre-treatment and Ozonation equipment, and upgraded existing fiber as well as installation of new.


The Cloisters on the Platte Foundation is a non-profit foundation established by entrepreneur and philanthropist Joe Ricketts. This project exemplifies the abilities of the HOA team to integrate multiple pillars into one project. The project consisted of 14 total building and 8 RTU’s over 300+ acres.

HOA Solutions designed the fiber network architecture that was installed in the entire campus. HOA Solutions was responsible for creating one interface for the entire facility. We accommodated all Civil Controls (Water, Wastewater), HVAC, Security, Fire, Lighting, and Lawn Irrigation. We were given the task of making all these controls accessible from one person with one handheld device. We accomplished this project with Trane Industrial Control’s Division. We chose Trane as a strategic partner to provide quality controls from the experts in the HVAC field.

The overall project cost was $135M. HOA Solutions’ portion of the total was $1.6M. Substantial completion was May 1st, 2018.

For more information contact:
Jason Jansen, Project Coordinator, MCL Construction
402 657-2986
Chris Egger, Utilities/Facilities Director, The Cloisters on the Platte
402 499-8760


HOA was chosen to provide new controls to eight wells, three high service pumps, and a blending plant. HOA provided the complete radio communication system and replaced legacy PLCs with Allen Bradley Micrologix at 11 sites. We also replaced the SCADA system with VT SCADA.

For more information, contact:

Jim Keehne
City Administrator

(POP. 6,937)

Design build project working directly with the City. RFP’s we obtained from four Control System Integrators and all proposals were reviewed. HOA’s design was chosen for a complete Water Control System upgrade, along with VFD installation on all wells and high service pumps (13 total). The costs were approximately $193,000 and the project was completed in September 2013.

For more information contact:
Mitch Burg, Director of Water Operations, Atlantic Municipal Utilities


The N-CORPE project allows the State of Nebraska to supply water to Kansas. The project consisted of 30 wells with VFDs and a control system. The VFDs were all 200 HP, 18 pulse, ultra-low harmonic drives. The SCADA system communicated to all 30 panels, a discharge site, and a valve pit location. HOA’s winning bid for its portion of the project was just over $1.7 million.

For more information contact:
Jasper Fanning, Upper Republican Natural Resources District

(POP. 12,758)

HOA Solutions provided both water and wastewater control systems for this project. HOA built a turnkey water control system consisting of over 30 remote sites and a SCADA computer for the HMI. The wastewater system consisted of VFDs, PLC panels, instruments, and a used touchscreen HMI.

For more information contact:
Rick Dryden, Superintenden of Woodward OK Water Dept

(POP. 32,174)

HOA Solutions has an ongoing relationship with the city that has included numerous upgrades and expansions over the past 20 years. Kearney’s water system is comprised of three towers, three booster stations, two chemical feed buildings, 24 wells, and a sophisticated communication system.

For more information contact:
Tony Jelinek, Director of Utilities, City of Kearney

(POP. 47,846)

HOA Solutions recently upgraded the lift station monitoring system that consisted of 54 remote stations, a master site, and a complete SCADA upgrade that included multiple client machines.

For more information contact:
Martha Tasker, Director of Public Works, City of Salina


HOA Solutions provided a wastewater control systems upgrade for this project. The project consisted of upgrading existing Allen Bradley PLC5 1771 Series to the ControlLogix 1756 Platform at 11 remote sites. The project also included the installation of new fiber optic cable and Fiber to Ethernet Converters to 5 remote RTU sites to improve the communication network. Communication modules were added to 18 VFDs to convert the communication to Ethernet. The existing SCADA was modified to represent the changes to the system.

For more information contact:
Jacob Hansen, P.E., Civil Engineer II