Water Treatment

Operating a smaller water or wastewater system shouldn’t mean that integrator service and materials are compromised. In fact with the upgraded capabilities afforded by modern technology, quality small systems can be more labor and cost-efficient provided that they’re intelligently designed and use quality components.

A quality control system will pay for itself in the long run.

It’s not complicated as to how this happens — it rests on a few unchanging principles:

  • Quality components and hardware are cheaper in the long run.
  • We fully expect our control systems to last 12-15 years at a minimum because we only use quality components from leading manufacturers.

Improved efficiency saves money.

Using less power to run your system means lower bills year after year, and over the course of a decade or more that money really starts to add up. Combine that will the fact that running efficiently often results in less wear and tear on pumps and other components and you’re saving money on multiple fronts.

Automation saves time and money.

By automating alerts and other functions, a control system from HOA takes fewer man-hours to monitor and maintain helping meet budget goals.