Products & Services

We specialize in system upgrades and retrofits. We have turnkey capacity including design, development and installation. We have done numerous design/build projects and have a control system P.E. on staff, as well as other qualified design personnel.

We provide all aspects of control system integration including:

System design
Panel building – UL if required

PLC programming
SCADA/HMI development
Reporting and Data logging

Remote Connectivity
Startup and commissioning

We provide all equipment required for a complete control system.

  • PLCs – Name brands including Allen Bradley, Siemens, Emerson, Modicon, Phoenix Contact, etc.
  • SCADA Computers and Software – Siemens, Wonderware, Proficy, Rockwell, Iconics, as well as others.
  • Instrumentation – pressure, flow, level, analytical, valves, etc.
  • Telemetry – radios, antennas, radio path studies, design and implementation.
  • Variable Frequency Drives – HOA Solutions has a great deal of experience with VFD implementation and their benefits.
  • Networking
  • Fiber Optics

The equipment we provide is from leading manufacturers in the industry. We have our preferred brands that we’ve experienced a lot of success with, or we can use the customer’s brand preference. For information on the quality components we use head to our suppliers page.


Are you using VFDs to save energy and prolong the life of your infrastructure? If you’re not it’s time to take a look at how the low prices of today’s VFDs can save you time and money. VFDs provide numerous benefits to the water and wastewater industries, including:

  • Maintaining a constant pressure in a closed loop system, or if the tower is out of service.
  • Maintain a level in a basin with varying inflow, reducing or eliminating the constant start/stop of the pumps.
  • Reduce energy consumption by slowing the pumps.
  • Improve processes by maintaining a constant, or desired, flow to a water or wastewater treatment facility.
  • Maintain a constant pressure in an irrigation system.
  • Maintain a constant Dissolved Oxygen level.
  • Feed a treatment process with constant flow.


Are your VFDs running at their most efficient? VFDs are proven to provide energy savings; but in order to maximize those savings and extend the life of your pumps, you should take a look at Optimate. Optimate establishes the most efficient speed to run your pumps based on gallons pumped per kW consumed, by constantly monitoring variables, such as discharge, suction head, pump wear, and others. Our studies have shown Optimate to provide significant energy savings and reduced wear on pumps.


75% of well failures are caused by operating a pump without sufficient water in the well. Running a pump with insufficient water causes cavitation, overheating, bearing and seal failures, well casing damage, and catastrophic motor damage. Fortunately, there is a straightforward solution to these problems. HOA’s Wel-Mon technology is a multi-purpose panel that ensures sufficient water levels and well health by monitoring and controlling for the following factors:


  • Daily Drawdown level historically trended for DNR requirements
  • Low level cut-out alarms to prevent catastrophic pumping damage
  • Specific capacity
  • Trigger well maintenance without manual tests
  • Monitor well inefficiencies

Gallons per kW

  • Monitor for drastic changes in g/kW to trigger alarm for well rehab
  • Measure entire well field to establish which well is most efficient during high flow periods


  • Will automatically find the best efficiency point during ever changing pressures and head changes


At HOA we look at the SCADA system to be more than just an automation tool. We use it to save time, energy and money by:

  • Monitoring energy usage and efficiency and using the data to make decisions.
  • Providing remote connectivity for technicians as well as the end user.
  • Reducing maintenance and down time by providing operation data.

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