Don’t just take our word for it, look at what our customers have to say about us.

Saving Money

“Before HOA Solutions installed VFD’s, we had a high number of water main leaks. We averaged 15-20 leaks per year, with our highest being 32 water main leaks in one year. We already had mercury slow starts on all High Service pumps, but if the check valve wasn’t set just right, the High Service pumps would slam shut or would open too fast, causing water hammer in the system and within a few days another water main leak. We estimate the leaks to the cost between $3,000.00 and $7,000.00 to repair, depending on the severity of the leak, size of the pipe, and the location. We were also concerned about contamination within the water system. After we installed the first VFD, our electric bill went down. We could also control the amount of water pumped and how fast the pump started and stopped. That first year our water main breaks went down to 10-15 breaks per year. Two years later, HOA installed two more VFD’s and our electric bill went down a third. Our water main breaks have gone down to about one main break a year, after installing the 2 wells. This has also saved us on our electric bill and I do believe it is saving on maintenance and the motors are all running cooler and more efficient.”

— Sent by Kirk Kemper, Water Superintendent at Shenandoah, Iowa (Oct. 2011)

Working Well

“Hello, I just wanted to let you know I am very impressed with the control system. In the last week we have had a power outage and some unexpected flushing at a neighboring town and the system has worked well. THANKS!”

— Sent by Ron Dorothy, Utility Superintendent at Wymore, Nebraska (Oct 2011)

Phone Support

“I have worked with HOA on several projects and have been very pleased with their expertise and knowledge. If we do have a problem that can be taken care over the phone, they more than willing to help out.”

— Bob Kloke, Water Production Supervisor, Columbus, Nebraska

Customer Satisfaction

“Unique Technique, Inc. conducted a person to person interview with 20 clients who are involved with HOA Solutions. The purpose of the interviews was to obtain feedback on the performance of HOA Solutions. Points of discussion were: products offered, service provided and cost for their products and services. The response from those interviewed was outstanding. Clients indicated that the emphasis on the personal relationships that the staff of HOA Solutions has built with the clients; the cost for their products and service was considered to be very reasonable. An overall satisfaction level of 95% positive was determined by the survey.”

— Sent by Bill Podraza, President at Unique Technique, Inc.

Technical Advice & Recommendations

“Our firm appreciates the great working relationship that we have with HOA Solutions. As the engineer within our organization that works with control systems for our municipal clients, I have come to rely on the recommendations and technical advice that HOA provides during the design phase of our work. On many of our projects, we rely on the knowledge and expertise that HOA brings to our design team, so that we can be sure we have provided the best control solutions for our client. We have always appreciated the good communications and prompt response to our questions. And during the construction phase of our projects, we have complete confidence that HOA will perform the work to insure a complete and good quality product for our clients.”

— James J. Olmsted, P.E. Olmsted & Perry Consulting Engineers

“As a General Contractor involved in the procurement and construction of Water and Waste Water facilities it is imperative that the Systems Integrator provides three essential components for the completion of a successful project:

  1. Complete and Competitive proposals: Treatment plants delivered in the Design-Bid format can be difficult to provide complete and competitive proposals due to the numerous entities involved in the project from engineers, contractors and suppliers.
  2. Field Installation-Start-up: Systems Integration is complex and typically outside the expertise of the General contractor, it is imperative that the Systems Integrator is capable of the coordination of the field installation and the Startup of the System.
  3. Systems Reliability and Follow Up: Availability and prompt response is critical to the end user for a successful operation of the plant.

HOA Solutions, Inc., has met and exceeded all of the essential components for the successful completion of our Treatment Plant projects. HOA Solutions would be our recommendation for any project needing Systems Integration.”

— Jeff Shaw APAC-Kansas, Inc